Our Services

Paramount Debt Collection & Credit Management Services Limited specializes in Debt recovery, customer service and accounts receivable management. Details of our services are as follows:

Outsourced Credit Control

With the use of our outsourced credit control service, you will be able to focus more on your core business while we manage, and collect your invoices. Through this, the overheads involved in this process are reduced and at the same time you have a good return on your investment. Moreover, asking your customers for payment could be cumbersome and annoying; we will support your client relationships through a consistent management approach in an extremely expertise and modest manner. We will also provide consistent report to keep you up-to-date of the progress and we will ensure that payment will be made directly in your account so you stay on top of things. Above all with the current economic situation, it is better to remain resolute in ensuring that your cashflow keeps increasing while the key expenses involved are minimized. So outsource your credit control to Paramount and be at peace while you mind your main business.

Cash Flow

This is described as the lifeblood of a business. And as such businesses should consider making every effort to enhance their cash flow. Here at Paramount, we specialize in Debt recovery, customer service and accounts receivable management.

Debt Collection

We specialize in helping you to recover your debt, decrease your outstanding receivables and also guarantee your business cash-flow by acting fast in order to avoid decrease in cashflow.

Track and Trace

At times it may be challenging finding a debtor either because the contact information provided has been changed and has left no forwarding address or because a false address was given. Through the use of our debt recovery strategies and advanced systems technology we are able to conduct additional searches for detection.

Loan Collection (Personal and Company Loan)

We will help you manage your loan debt collection through our reliable loan management professionals.

Site Visitation

In order to aid our collection process, we represent our clients by visiting their clients on a timely basis and we ensure that they are informed throughout the recovery process.

Telephone, Letter and Mail Services

Our multi-channel communication tools are used to create successful unbeatable debt collection. We use a blend of debt collection letters, telephone calls and mail service to also recover delinquent account, resolve clientsí issues and try as much as possible to keep litigation at armís length.

Account Receivables Management

As soon as a product or service is delivered and a client does not pay for it, an Account Receivables is created. It is therefore essential that a business closely monitors its Account Receivables in order not to run out of cash. We will help you track your payments carefully and proactively follow-up on your invoices on a timely basis.

Staff Training and Development

We offer staff training and development services for the employees of our clients employed in the Credit Control Department and help them advance in practical Account Receivables strategies.

Our services are well poised for your business to experience:

  • Healthy Cash Flow
  • Timely & Successful Debt Recovery
  • Legal Protection
  • High Business Concentration
  • Customer Service Management