About Us

Paramount Debt Collection & Credit Management Services Limited is a Nigerian based debt recovery and credit management solution provider. Our goal is to ensure that your outstanding receivables are decreased and also guarantee your business cash-flow.

We provide a wide range of debt recovery services customized to your business, with our years of experience we know that it is necessary to act fast in order to avoid a delinquent account. We strive to do the right thing by following principled code of conduct without allowing it to affect the success of your objective. Gaining your trust is paramount as we aim at protecting your image with the assurance of exceptional professionalism.

We focus on development and building a robust professional and long term relationship with our clients. We also aim to recover our client's debt in a way that will support their client relationships through a consistent management approach in an extremely expertise and modest manner.

We facilitate an excellent and reliable productivity through our internal, experienced and knowledgeable professionals, debt recovery strategies, advanced systems technology, and result-oriented principles.

You can surely rely on us to handle your debt recovery while you focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading, reputable provider of debt collection/recovery, receivables and credit management services in Nigeria & Africa in general.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide highly resourceful and effective debt collection and credit management services through varied and result inspiring debt recovery solutions while focusing on clients' main objectives.

Our Value

We believe in people, our client's relationships and in the successful achievement of our business.

Our Staffing

Paramount Debt Collection & Credit Management Services Limited has brought together a group of like-minded professionals to achieve its mission. Not only are our staff experts and qualified, they are tolerant and well trained with years of customer-service skills that will leave clients well satisfied. The management team is led by the Managing Director who is also an Associate of The Institute of Debt Recovery Practitioners of Nigeria (AIDR).

Our Advantage

  • Pursuing payments with clients is not only annoying but time consuming. Outlined below are some of the possible reasons why you need to engage our services in order to assist in collecting your receivables and recovering your debt:
  • By outsourcing collection of your receivables and recovery of debt to our experienced and knowledgeable full time professionals, debtors pay faster and on time unlike when you assign employees whose main position is not to collect payment or recover debt. Furthermore, existing employees won't be diverted from their main responsibilities.
  • When you outsource the collection of your receivables to us, you save the cost of training, recruiting, managing and retaining staffs.
  • When you engage our services you concentrate more on your main business and your mind will be at peace knowing that the collection of your receivables is in the hands of qualified and specialized professionals.
  • Timely payment and consistent increment on your cashflow.
  • Furthermore we will ensure that payment will be made directly in your account so you are safely in full control of the entire operation.